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Study Groups

2023-2024 PROGRAM

All are welcome to attend the meetings and events described below.

Location: Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held at the Springfield Elks Lodge, 440 Tiffany Street, Springfield, MA 01108.

Meeting time: Meetings start at 10:00 am, with morning programs from 10:00-noon, lunch and business meeting noon-1:00, and afternoon programs 1:00-3:00. 



September 9, 2023 February 3, 2024
October 7, 2023

March 2, 2024

November 4, 2023

April 6, 2024

December 2, 2023

May 4, 2024

January 6, 2024

Summer 2024 Special Events



MorningSummer Wrap-Up

Review of Guild activities over the summer including the Scottish Festival, Shelburne Grange and other venues and demonstrations.

Afternoon:Study Group

Following a project to catalogue samples from the Early Weaving Study Group, a nationwide group that studies early weaving drafts, the guild will conduct a yearlong study group with the goal of bringing these aged samples to life again in modern interpretations.

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OCTOBER 7, 2023

MorningBobbin Lace - Bev Komisaruk

Guild member Bev Komisaruk will do a talk and demonstration of making bobbin lace.  She has been making bobbin lace for many years.  Bobbin lace is a lace textile made by braiding and twisting lengths of thread.  As the work progresses the weaving is held in place with pins set in a lace pillow, the placement of pins usually determined by a pattern or pricking pinned on the pillow

Afternoon: Bauhaus Interpretations - Tara Patrina

Hartford Artisans Designer Tara Patrina will talk about the 2022 studio-themed project embracing and interpreting the styles and processes of the Bauhaus art movement and in particular the women’s weaving department.  She will show examples and discuss elements that the artisans tackled and how they made each piece their own.

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NOVEMBER 4, 2023

MorningThe Latvian Weaver and her Alpacas - Erica Jansons

Find out how one fiber artist got her start over 22 years ago in the alpaca fiber industry. From living the cul-de-sac life to starting a farm and learning the art of weaving, Erica Jansons will take you on a short tour of her fiber journey, tell us about her alpacas and her project to help the Ukrainians through her weaving.  Erica will bring samples of her work and items for sale.

Afternoon: Tapestry Weaving - Donna Dickinson

Guild member Donna Dickinson will lead a talk and demo about her exploration of tapestry weaving. Donna has been making her own unique tapestries for several years.  She will demonstrate the variety of tapestry that can be made on simple looms with all kinds of yarns.

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DECEMBER 2, 2023

All day: Holiday Celebration –  Annual Holiday Party and Gift Exchange

Bring a wrapped gift and join us for our annual craft project, luncheon, and gift exchange. 

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JANUARY 6, 2024

Morning: Learn to Make Cord with a Lucet - Loris Epps

A lucet is a tool used in cordmaking or braiding which is believed to date back to the Viking and Medieval periods, when it was used to create cords that were used on clothing or to hang items from the belt.  Lucet cord is square, strong and slightly springy and Guild Member Loris Epps will provide Lucet’s and instruction for all to weave this interesting structure

Afternoon: Rolakan Weave - Susan Wright

Guild member Susan Wright will introduce members to the Scandanavian weaving technique of Rolakan, one of the Swedish Art Weaves.  Rolakan is a single interlocked tapestry technique A powerpoint presentation will introduce the weave structure and we will look at photos of beautiful Rolakan examples.  A demonstration of how to weave this time-consuming but simple structure will follow.

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FEBRUARY 3, 2024

All day: Wool Embroidery Scissors Case - Cam Leon

Join us for an all-day workshop on making a wool applique Scissor Case for your handy embroidery scissors.  Cam Leon, an accomplished quilter, rug hooker, rug braider and all-around crafter will lead us through the project using one of her pre-made kits and each member will make a special case to hold those little scissors we use when hemming our handwovens.

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MARCH 2, 2024

Morning: Tips and Tricks - Loris Epps, Jane Devlin, Jo Ann Miner, Susan Wright

Guild members Loris Epps, Jane Devlin, Jo Ann Miner and Susan Wright will lead a program demonstrating tips and tricks to make your weaving easier on your body and mind!  Learn some ways to avoid making those pesky mistakes and find ways to make your weaving more efficient

Afternoon: Split Shed Weaving - Jane Devlin

Guild member Jane Devlin will do a presentation on split shed weaving.  This type of weaving allows complex designs to be woven on only four shafts and a straight threading.  Tie-ups are the only thing that changes.  This is not a how-to workshop, but an introduction to the concept to inspire you to learn more about this challenging technique.

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APRIL 6, 2024

Morning: Beading - Ruth Buchman

Guild member Ruth Buchman will talk about her interest in and accomplishments in beading.  Ruth works with small beads and makes beautiful earrings and necklaces.  She is particularly skilled in her design and color combinations.  Ruth will show us some of her work and give us an introduction to the technique

Afternoon: Study Group Wrap-Up

A presentation of members' creations as a result of the study group chosen in the fall. Members will show their variations on the theme.

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MAY 4, 2024

All day: Annual Meeting and Lunch

Guild members will conduct the annual meeting of the Weavers Guild of Springfield and enjoy a lunch together.

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At the events below, guild members offer weaving demonstrations and guided hands-on introduction to weaving for all ages.

Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair
Cummington Fairgrounds, Cummington, MA
May 25-26, 2024
1:00-4:00 pm

Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival
Look Park, Northampton, MA
July 20, 2024

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Shelburne Grange Fair
Little Mohawk Road, Shelburne, MA
August 2024
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Big E Fiber Festival
Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, MA
September 13, 2024

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