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2019-2020 PROGRAM

All are welcome to attend the meetings and events described below. Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Springfield Elks Lodge, 440 Tiffany Street, Springfield, MA 01108.



September 7, 2019 February 1, 2020
October 12, 2019

March 7, 2020

November 2, 2019

April 4, 2020

December 7, 2019

May 9, 2020

January 4, 2020

2019-2020 Special Events

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MorningSummer Wrap-up and Selection of Guild Challenge/Study Group for 2019-2020

We will discuss our summer activities, including the Cummington Sheep & Woolcraft Fair, Scottish Festival, and Shelburne Grange Fair. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and offer suggestions for program improvement, as well as catch up on members' activities. This session is always lively and informative.

AfternoonTwisted Mysteries Angora – Jenny Atkins

Spinner and Angora enthusiast Jenny Atkins will discuss her journey into the world of angora fiber, her rabbits, and her spinning business - and she will bring a furry friend. The properties of angora will be discussed and samples of weaving with angora yarn will be shown.

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OCTOBER 12, 2019

All dayTwined Rope Bowl - Susan Wright

We will spend the day making a twined rope bowl. Simple in finish and classic in shape you will want to make more of these bowls once you learn the technique.  This workshop will require a materials fee, but all other supplies you will already have on hand.

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NOVEMBER 2, 2019

MorningDoctor in Homespun - Loris Epps & Susan Wright

Doctor in Homespun is the story of Mary Phylinda Dole, a country doctor and weaver who studied at Hill Institute and lived and worked in New England in the late 1800’s and early 1900's. This is the second time Loris and Susan have presented this topic, which they first presented at the Weaving History Conference in Clayton, NY, in 2017. Their talk provides fascinating insights into what it took to become a female doctor in the 1800’s and the challenges of practicing as a country doctor. Come be inspired by the true story of a pioneering woman who enjoyed two significant and meaningful careers - in medicine and in weaving.

AfternoonRefugee Artisans of Worcester - Ellen Ferrante

The Refugee Artisans of Worcester is a non-profit project founded in Worcester, MA, that seeks to empower craftspeople from the city’s various refugee communities toward greater economic self-sufficiency and continued pride in their heritage. Ellen Ferrante, one of the founders, will give a talk about the project accompanied by some of the participating artisans who will share their work.

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DECEMBER 7, 2019

All day: Holiday Party & Craft

Bring a wrapped gift and join us for our annual craft creation project, pot-luck luncheon, and gift exchange. 

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JANUARY 4, 2020

Morning: Modern Quiltmaker - Timna Tarr

Timna Tarr comes from a long line of quiltmakers but did not begin making quilts until after studying art history in college. She bought her first long arm quilting machine in 2001 and began quilting clients' quilts shortly thereafter. Timna’s nationally award-winning quilts are in private and corporate collections and have been seen in numerous exhibits, quilting magazines and books. She is an in-demand teacher and speaker throughout the US and a member of two local guilds – Hands Across the Valley Quilters Guild and the Northampton Modern Quilt Guild. Timna will talk about her artistic journey and her process, and show us her inspiring work. Get ready for a colorful treat.

Afternoon: Bending Sticks: The Sculpture of Patrick Dougherty

We will view a documentary about the unusual career of Patrick Dougherty. In a career spanning four continents and three decades, the internationally acclaimed environmental artist has created over two hundred majestic sculptures out of nothing more than saplings. Weaving together and bending these sticks he creates unusual and poetic structures. The film will detail his creative process, inspirations, and thoughts about the temporary nature of his work.   

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FEBRUARY 1, 2020

Morning: Jewish Papercuts and Tapestries: A Mother-Daughter Collaboration - Tamar Shadur

Tapestry weaver Tamar Shadur will present an illustrated talk about her collaboration with her mother, renowned Jewish papercut artist and scholar Yehudit Shadur in the production of finely woven biblical tapestries based on her mother’s magnificent papercut designs. Tamar will bring a few tapestries and tools of her trade, as well as books and publications to share.

Afternoon: Recycle! Making a rug or basket with basic household tools - Loris Epps

Follow these easy, simple steps to make a trivet, rug, or basket from recycled fabric. The tools - a toothbrush. Members will need to bring approximately 1/2 pound of fabric per square foot needed. (One pound of cotton fabric is approximately 4 yards.) Fee is $5.00 for printed instruction and the tool. 

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MARCH 7, 2020

Morning: Trunk Show - Emily Gwynn, Weaver

Emily Gwynn weaves on Swedish style looms using many different techniques and tools. Her business, Hands To Work Textiles, creates heirloom quality functional textiles that enhance the beauty of any home. Emily is a graduate of the apprentice program at Vav Stuga in Shelburne Falls, where she studied under Becky Ashenden. Hands To Work Textiles has grown out of her experiences there and elsewhere.

Afternoon: Loom Told Tales - Ute Bargmann

Many weavers have always wondered how the Sassanian textiles of the 6th & 7th centuries were woven. A book on Islamic textiles finally opened the door and the loom will tell the tale. Supplies required: your eyes
& ears & possibly your interest in odd developments!

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APRIL 4, 2020

Morning: Making a Fabric-Covered Journal - Loris Epps

Loris will demonstrate how to make a fabric-covered journal from handwoven fabric. Following the demonstration, everyone will have the chance to make a covered book from scratch. Cardboard pieces, glue, and ribbon will be provided. Members will need to bring scissors, spring type clothespins, and a 1/2 yard of cotton fabric. Printed instructions for both will be available. $3 material fee.

Afternoon: Guild Challenge or Study Group Wrap-Up

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MAY 9, 2020

All day: Annual Year-End Meeting and Potluck Luncheon

Guild members will recap the year’s events and celebrate together. Location TBD.

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At the events below, guild members offer weaving demonstrations and guided hands-on introduction to weaving for all ages.

NEWS (New England Weavers Seminar)
11-14 July 2019
Smith College, Northampton, MA

Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival
Look Park, Northampton, MA
20 July 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Shelburne Grange Fair
Little Mohawk Road, Shelburne, MA
24 August 2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair
Cummington Fairgrounds, Cummington, MA
23 May 2020
1:00-4:00 pm

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