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Study Groups


Click below to view photos of some of the Guild's activities:

Work by Ellen Redman, Weavers Guild of Springfield Award Winner, September 2021 Creative Arts Festival

February 2020 Jewish papercuts with Tamar Shadur

February 2020 show-and-tell
January 2020 quiltmaking with Timna Tarr
January 2020 show-and-tell

December 2019 greeting card project
December 2019 gift exchange
November 2019 meeting
October 2019 meeting
September 2019 meeting
August 2019 Shelburne Grange Fair
July 2019 Glasgow Games Scottish Festival
May 2019 Eunice Smith masterpiece
May 2019 supplementary warp study group projects
April 2019 new weaving tools and tricks with Suzi Ballenger
April 2019 show-and-tell
April 2019 Ruth's projects
February 2019 woven blankets with Peggy Hart
February 2019 Leslie's trip to Ghana
February 2019 show-and-tell
January 2019 double knitting
January 2019 show-and-tell

December 2018 plaited baskets
December 2018 show-and-tell
December 2018 gift exchange
October 2018 warp-painting workshop
September 2018 Creative Arts Festival entries
July 2018 Glasgow Games Scottish Festival
May 2018 Annual meeting highlights
May 2018 Ute's Atwater botanical designs
April 2018 Felting workshop

April 2018 Show-and-tell
March 2018 Eight-shaft overshot & supplementary warp

December 2017 Completed wreaths
December 2017 Wreath-making and show-and-tell
October 2017 Hatfield Fall Festival
March 2017 Turning flax into linen
March 2017 Eunice's 96th birthday
March 2017 Guatemalan textiles
January 2017 Bow-loom weaving

December 2016 Holiday dragonfly project
October 2016 Hatfield Fall Festival & rug-hooking workshop
September 2016 Creative Arts weaving entries at the Big E
July 2016 Glasgow Games Scottish Festival
April 2016 Color-and-weave study group final projects
April 2016 Swedish weaving with Becky Ashenden

October 2015 Rag rug weaving with Stephanie Morton
September 2015 Creative Arts weaving entries at the Big E
January 2014 Ute Bargmann weaving exhibit
July 2009 Glasgow Games Scottish Festival
May 2009 Cummington Sheep & Woolcraft Fair
July 2007 Glasgow Games Scottish Festival

May 2007 Cummington Sheep & Woolcraft Fair
January 2007 Agawam Public Library exhibit

July 2004 Glasgow Games Scottish Festival
2004 Mary Ann Ostrander study group final projects

Guidelines for Submitting Items

If you'd like to have your work added to the gallery, please send us:

  • A photo of your work. Provide a close-up, detailed shot of the piece if possible.

  • Technical information, including the yarn used, sett, 4- or 8-shaft pattern, etc.

  • Artist's comments: Anything you would like to say about the ease or difficulty of weaving the piece, whether you felt it was successful, your inspiration, etc.

Send us photos taken with a digital camera, or scan traditional photos and save them on your computer as .jpg files.

To keep the photo files a reasonable size, set the resolution to no more than 72 dots or pixels per inch, and reduce the image size to no more than 640 x 480 pixels.

Send your photos to Be sure to include the following information in the email message:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • The name(s) of the photo file(s) attached to the message
  • A description of each photo
  • The category in which you would like each photo to appear

If you send several pictures, be sure to include the requested information for each one.

Check back in a few days to see your photo on our site. If there are any problems, please let us know and we'll fix them as soon as possible.

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