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imageThe Handweaver's Guild of America publishes Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot magazine, sponsors the biennial Convergence conference, and offers many other learning and sharing opportunities, such as Learning Exchanges, Certificates of Excellence in weaving, handspinning and dyeing, and Distance Learning.

New England Weavers Seminar (NEWS) is an organization of several weaving guilds in the New England area. NEWS produces a 3-day weaving conference every "odd" year. The conferences feature some 30 to 40 workshops and seminars, a gallery show, fashion show, and a number of vendors from all over the country. The next NEWS conference will take place in July 2023. For more information, see:

New Hampshire Weavers Guild was founded in 1938, and continues to provides its members with a full schedule of meetings, workshops, and other opportunities to share and enrich their weaving skills. For more information, see:

Vermont Weavers Guild is a non-profit educational association. Its purpose is to increase technical proficiency and artistic experience by providing a well-rounded educational program, to promote and maintain high standards of weaving, as well as related fiber arts, to share our knowledge and ideas and to bring together hand-weavers. For more information, see: 

Weavers of Western Mass meets on the 4th Wednesday (3rd if there is a holiday or school vacation) of the month from 1:00-3:30 at the Hill Institute in Florence, MA, from September to May, except December. For more information, see:

Pioneer Valley Weavers Guild's regular meetings are normally held the second Tuesday of each month at WEBS, Service Center Road, Northampton, Ma. (413-584-2225). Social time begins at 6 PM, Business meeting 6:15 PM speaker/program 7:00 PM. For more information, see:

Complex Weavers is dedicated to encouraging curiosity, exploration, an innovation in weaving.

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Weaving Resources

Camilla Valley Farm Weavers' Supply
P.O. Box 341
Orangeville, Ontario
Canada L9W 2Z7
519-941-0736(Phone) 519-941-0804(Fax)

P.O. Box 147
Northampton, MA 01061-0147
Both Mill ends and a "regular" line of weaving yarns; great closeouts on knitting and brand-name luxury yarns; very popular source of rayon chenille; quantity discounts start at very low level; good service; regular sample mailings.

12 School Street
Bath, ME 04530
Extensive line of "standard" weaving yarns including some high-end fibers. Superb quick service; many yarns available in "mini-cones" so that you don't need to over buy to get a range of colors; Yarn Store in a Box (with some credit applicable to first order) is periodically updated


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Miscellaneous Links

  • On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics

  • Vavstuga Weaving School & Store:  Becky Ashenden's Vavstuga (weaving studio) offer classes in traditional Swedish weaving as well as books, looms, and many other resources for anyone interested in exploring this rich weaving heritage.

  • Handwoven: Long Thread Media is proud to be the new owner of HandwovenPieceWork, and Spin Off. Founded by Linda Ligon, Anne Merrow, and John Bolton, this new company will take over the publication of the print magazines as well as the other content in spinning, weaving, and traditional needlearts that were previously offered by Interweave.

  • All Fiber Arts website: Here you can find over 1000 pages of information, free patterns, resources and instructions for weaving, spinning, dyeing, knitting, crochet, felting, papermaking, needlepoint, sewing, and other textile handicrafts. We also have a free Discussion Forum and chat rooms where you can meet with all your " fiberholic friends".

  • Heddlecraft:

    Heddlecraft® is a digital weaving magazine designed for weavers who already know how to weave and desire a better understanding of weaving and weave structures, and possibly an interest to create unique designs and patterns.

    Heddlecraft® is published six times a year. Each issue has a weaving 'theme' focused on a particular weave structure or weaving topic. The topic includes a 'lesson' to educate the reader.  Samples for the topic follow the lesson. The samples usually include four- and eight-shaft pattern variations. Patterns requiring more shafts may be included if they demonstrate how the information in the lesson applies to weaves with more shafts.   

    An annual subscription is $19.99. Individual issues may be purchased for $4.50/ea. Within 24 hours of purchase, a PDF of the issue and weaving information files (wif) for drafts in the Samples section are emailed to the email address associated with the payment. The wif files are included for those that use weaving software. Issues of Heddlecraft® may be saved on your computer, printed it out, and/or moved it to your tablet and even your smartphone, great for portable viewing for the weaver-on-the-go!

  • Weavolution (

  • Ravelry ( (account required)

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Wanted & For Sale Fiber Arts Equipment

  • Ebay: Enter the name of the item you are seeking (e.g., weaving loom) in the search box.

  • Weavers Guild of Boston:As a service to our members and the New England weaving community, WGB maintains a list of looms, spinning wheels, and related equipment offered for sale.  The most recent items are at the top of the list. The list is searchable if you are looking for a specific item.

  • Warped Weavers Marketplace: A Facebook group that is associated with Ravelry.

  • Facebook: Very active groups of many kinds, often including a group for each loom manufacturer. But especially see "Fiber Tools and Equipment for Sale".

  • The classifieds are open to everyone for personal use. No commercial postings, please.

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Online Discussion Groups

Anyone can subscribe to these free email groups. Members send messages to the list which are then distributed to all list members.

  • Email groups, supercharged. The most advanced email groups service. A complete collaboration suite. Mobile ready. No ads, no tracking

  • Weave Tech List: This group discusses intermediate to advanced-level weaving topics including weave structure, technical matters, computers and weaving, color, design, and professional pursuits related to weaving.

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Magazines & Publications

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Software for Fiber Artists

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Online Forums

All Fiber Arts: Covers all kinds of fiber arts.

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