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Study Groups

2017-2018 STUDY GROUP


This year's study group activities were introduced by Susan Wright at the September meeting. The topic of the study group is Mary Meigs Atwater’s Recipe Book. Susan passed out a biographical handout on the life of Mary Meigs Atwater and read selections from the biography: Weaving a Life. She was a most unusual woman for her times, both independent and opinionated. The Recipe Book, not a book for beginning weavers, was an important contribution (Atwater considered it her most important
contribution) to the handweaving literature.

For the study group, each participant will select one “recipe” from the Chapter V Table Pieces, Toweling, etc. There are 22 potential projects. Each weaver will weave a sample of the weave and develop a draft in modern draft/drawdown format to be distributed to each study group participant. Each weaver will weave one complete item [project], if desired, from the chosen “recipe”. Completed samples are due by March 2018, and projects can be completed by April. Each participant will receive a completed book containing the original "recipe," the revised modern draft and a sample at the April, 2018 meeting for presentation and discussion.

For photos of some of the completed projects, click here.

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