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Study Groups

2012-2013 STUDY GROUP


The topic of this year's main study group is Monk's Belt, led by Barbara Eves. Scandinavian in origin, monk's belt adds interest and variation to the simple two-block pattern of opposites by breaking up the blocks into uneven units and treadling elongated figures instead of squares. The weave structure, I believe, has a classic, elegant yet tailored look whether woven as a pattern border with plain weave background in between or as an overall design. Either way. the pattern is usually two blocks with a background structure of tabby. Come and join me in weaving this uncomplicated, but imaginative, weave structure in our study group this year.

The topic of our first special study group is Lunch Bags, led by Susan Wright. Susan will provide several easy designs for using your handwoven fabric to make lunch bags. Lunch bags are a good gift to give co-workers - promoting bringing your lunch, saving money, being "green" and eating a healthier lunch (maybe). The bag designs will be easy for those of us who are "challenged" when it comes to sewing. Bag construction will be demonstrated and suitable weave structures will be discussed.

The topic of our second special study group is Dimity, led by Ute Bargmann.

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